My Mounds Bar Recipe…at last!



So, those who know me in “real life” know that I don’t have tons of talents in the kitchen. I don’t bake the perfect pie crust or cook the blue ribbon chili or roast meat or well, anything. I cook nutritious and good food but not award winning or noteworthy. ūüôā It’s okay. I can be honest with myself and others.

I never let my guests go hungry but the foods and desserts I make never get too many comments EXCEPT my Mounds Bars. People actually ask me to make these, ask me if I made these, ask for extras to take home, and ask for the recipe! The recipe came from somewhere years and years ago, but I have changed and tweaked it to my own liking. Finally, I have found the “perfect” Mounds Bar. Through the years when others have asked for the recipe, I have passed it on as I had written it down but not as I actually make it. I just never changed the recipe card to what I actually do! ūüôā It is time to pass to my friends my “real” recipe!

Without further ado, I give you

Leesa’s Mounds Bars

2 cups of crackers crushed (I use Club crackers or saltines, sometimes mixed)

1/2 cup soft butter (no margarine)

2 tbs brown sugar

Mix these well and press into 9×12 pan. Bake for 10 min in pre-warmed oven 350. Should be “stuck together” and only slightly browned.

7 oz of coconut

1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed milk

Mix these two well and spread carefully on top. I use a knife and fork to spread it out without “smearing” the layer underneath. ¬†Bake for 10-15 more minutes. When done, this layer should be “stuck together” and only slightly browned. Don’t overdue this one. ūüôā

Top with milk chocolate chips. Spread as they melt. I use nearly a whole bag! ūüôā ¬†Cool and cut. ¬†You can freeze these and they are just as good when you pull them out! ūüôā Do put wax paper between the layers as they separate easier.

Enjoy and may you get as comments as I do for this easy recipe!

Love your boys and eat your chocolate! ūüôā


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A time I love as a momma of boys

boys with bikes1

Spring is here!  The boys love taking walk/rides up and down our blacktop road. It is a time that I cherish with them as well.

My boys love stories: reading them, creating them, acting them, sharing them, listening to them! I have used this time of walking to share “The Four Princes” stories which are about my boys. I use these made up stories to teach lessons about sharing, working together, giving to others, serving, being adventurous, and loving the Lord. ¬†The four princes are each named for one of my sons. When we were expecting The Dancer, I told the “Three Princes” about the queen expecting and that they would soon have a new prince to love! ¬†It was fun for them to find out this way. I have added our address to the stories at times so they are learning it through them as well.

Our walks consist of time in nature, too. The boys have caught crayfish and worms. We have watched turtles fighting and seen deer, coyotes, and many other animals on our walks as well. Sometimes we look up information on the animals we see when we return home. Sometimes we talk about the plants we discover: herbs, weeds, grasses, tree sprouts. We purchased some books about the trees and plants in our state. We talk about how the plants produce seed and about how they bear fruit. We watch the bees and the butterflies. Always I try to bring up to them how creative and awesome God is in His creation.

A natural advantage to these walks is the exercise. We had some boy visitors one day last summer, and we went for a walk/run/bike ride. I was amazed at how “in shape” our boys are. The other boys were very winded but our boys were just doing life. When the Farmer or I take the boys somewhere where there is a great deal of walking, we often see other children needing to be carried or be in a wagon, etc. Our boys seem to trek right along as though it was nothing. I don’t say this out of feeling superior, only out of feeling thankful. I am deeply thankful my boys are all healthy and strong and are able to be outside to love the land and nature.

As the spring turns to summer and our schooling at home takes a slower pace, I pray there are many days the boys can be outside to explore and as the Cowboy says, “Run off some boy energy!” ūüôā

Outside is a good place for boys.

Love your boys and remember that you can explore, enjoy and cherish ANY place with them.


Have you ever seen the rain…

rain 1


There is rain in the distance.  See the streaks on the picture below the clouds?  The dark lines coming from the clouds show the rain that falls in the distance. But you can see it coming, smell it, hear it.

Farmers need the rain, but too much rain is bad for us, too. I love the falling rain. It cleans the air and removes dirt from the sidewalks. It refreshes us, all of us. Children love to play in it and in the puddles from it. But too much of anything is no good. Sometimes the rain is not good for us.

With children, it happens that we can also see the dark clouds coming at times, and we know it is not going to be a good thing, like too much rain on the already wet soil. Our Dancer is not yet two and sadly I can see the dark clouds coming in his life. Children do not have to be trained to be sinful. Scriptures tell us, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” in Romans. Unfortunately, it is there in their blood. ¬†They inherit that sin from their fathers who inherit it from their fathers, all the way back to Adam, the first man.

I asked the Dancer if he had spit his piece of meat into his napkin (Who taught him that, anyway!?) and he said, “No.”

Just like that, my sweet-faced little Dancer lied to his momma!  Sin is in his blood. So, what is a Mom to do?

I start training. I start teaching. I start praying.


After the rain, a rainbow appeared. ¬†It was a whole rainbow that spread across the sky and then a double rainbow appeared. ¬†We are praying for that same rainbow to come in the life of our sweet-faced Dancer’s future. ¬†We are praying that he accepts the blood of Jesus Christ early in life so that he can be able to be used by the Lord, and so that he can be not only sweet-faced but sweet-hearted: deep, sweetness of heart because he is the son of the Lord Jesus Christ and a member of the Body of Christ, completely forgiven of his sinfulness. Yes, this is what we want for our little boy.

Are you teaching your little boys? Are you training good behaviors now before they are an insult to you and to others?

We will be training and praying for that whole and double rainbow! Above all, love your boys!



Our Choice for our Boys: home education

The boys

I have often heard of others who talk of how they want their children to return to school after a break, how they cannot wait to have “their homes back” when their children get on the bus after a snow day (or several), how they could never do what I do and don’t have the patience or the education or the time…the list goes on… to be with their children more than they already are now.


Before you comment with mean things about why you think it is okay that you send your children to school, let me say it: it is okay that you send your children to school. But, may I also say, it is okay that I keep my children at home to educate them because it is NOT about me.  It is also not through my own power that I do it.  The boys miss each other and enjoy each other during the day. The Dancer could get used to the boys being gone, only seeing them for a bit after school (and homework and lessons) before bed. But why?  We want the boys to be friends with one another and love one another first, after God.

Let me say it though for all to hear read:

I do not have enough patience.

I am not educated enough: though I have a Bachelor of Arts in high school and middle school English Education and reading (read former high school and middle school English teacher), I do not know so many things the boys ask about daily.  My boys were the first I ever taught to read or count or add.  I feel I have a lack of knowledge on a regular basis.

I do not have time to myself  to read or go potty without interruption (Yes, this is an issue for me. Yes, it is a big deal. And yes, I know I mentioned it before), or write when I want, or even pray when I want to most days.

My days are currently dictated by others.  But, in many ways, is that not the definition of motherhood? We lay down our lives for our children every day. Moms whose children are educated outside the home do this too, but home educating moms do it to a greater extent because they are always WITH their children.  We give up our freedom, so that we can love these little men that the Lord has blessed us with for such a short season.  It is a blessing and a responsibility, and it truly is for such a short season.  The Lord will bless this time that I give to my sons to train, support, teach, and lead them.  But I know that it is not really me but Him. He is the trainer, support system, teacher, and leader they need. And, I need Him, too. He gives me the patience, the knowledge, the desire to learn, everything.  I can only educate my children at home because He gives me the strength to do it.

The Farmer and I chose to home educate our boys for academic reasons as well as other reasons. While we do not feel mandated by God to home educate our children, we do believe that He will bless this time we spend with them teaching and instructing them. This week alone we have been able to read the gospel accounts to the boys about Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. ¬†Their handwriting work has been passages that we read from those gospels. ¬†We have also been able to work with them on memory work which included the three characteristics of light, the list of coordinating conjunctions, the commutative laws of addition & multiplication, and the geography of Central and south Central Americas. (Did I mention my oldest isn’t ten yet?! I never learned some of the things they are learning until I started teaching them.) ¬†That isn’t even all of it that we did with Classical Conversations! (But that will have to be another post.) ¬†We are choosing to classically educate our children at home, with the Lord’s help, because we believe it is the right thing to do. ¬†It is our choice for our boys. ¬†And, it is okay if it is not your choice for your boys. ¬†Let me say it again, it is our choice, but it does not have to be your choice.

Not all families choose to home educate their children, but as parents, we have to stick together and not judge one another. ¬†We have to respect the choices of others for the sake of our boys. When home educating parents see a family dropping off children at school or putting children on the bus, the home educating mom does not pull over to a stop and ask the other mom why she is doing so. ¬†She does not ask a mom in the store where her children are and what they are learning at school that day. ¬†She does not think poorly about the family that sends their children to school. Could the courtesy go both ways? Could a mom who sees a home educating family at Sam’s Club NOT ask why the children are there? Could she NOT ask what they are learning today? Could she NOT question them about the presidents or their math facts? We love all love our boys and are working to give them the best lives possible, in a school outside our home or in our living room. Let’s pray for one another and build one another up; we will all be stronger for the decision.

So the next time you see a passel of boys out while you are getting lunch in the middle of the day, it just might be us on a field trip. Instead of thinking, “Why are those boys out of school?” ¬†Could you think instead, “I wonder what those boys are learning today? ¬†I wonder what great things the Lord is teaching them through that mom right there (who does look a bit tired and sometimes a bit frazzled)? ¬†Let me pray for her and her job of educating those men of tomorrow.”

I am taking time to pray for you and your family today. Please take a minute and pray for that mom and those boys or that family hanging out with the monsters. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†We all need it!

What do you think, could you do it?  Mikeandthefamily

Love your boys.

Protecting our Boys

Protecting our children is important to parents.  Keeping our boys from harm: bad food, bad language, bad thoughts, but mostly from bad people is so important.  The topic about to be mentioned is not one that moms often bring up and discuss, but we need to be aware that there are people who would hurt our children for their pleasure.  These people are called child molesters or sexual predators. Just like a predatory animal such as a shark or lion, they seek their prey and plan an attack. But there are some things that we can do, as parents, to help our children stay safe.

1. Do not be naive.  Sexual crimes against children happen.  According to The National Center for Victims of Crime, 1 out of 5 girls will be molested and 1 out of 20 boys.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that the percentage for boys is as high as 1 out of 6 boys being sexually molested before they are 18.  No matter the exact percentage, one is too many!  We can see that children are being hurt.  We prayerfully hope that it will not be our boys.  So, how do we work to keep our children safe?

2. Know something about a person who might hurt your child.  Do a quick search on the internet and you will find that children often know the person (as high as 96% of the time!) who will hurt them. They are sometimes related to that person.  Know who your children are with and who will be visiting that person while your child in there.  Often the molester is under 18 years old.  Children need to be monitored, which leads me to #3.

3. Be with your sons. ¬†Don’t allow your children go into a restroom alone. ¬†Have them go with a trusted adult or ¬†brother. ¬†Better yet, have them go in with you. ¬†As the mom of all boys, I find a family bathroom at the mall or a store. The boys simply turn around when it is my turn. ¬†Don’t allow them to spend the day or the night with someone you don’t know or that you do not trust completely. ¬†It might seem like you are a stick in the mud to your sons (or the other family), but it is your job to protect you son.

4. Talk to your sons about the threat.  We have read the Yell and Tell books.  The one for boys is called Samuel Learns to Yell and Tell by Debi Pearl.  You can check out the book for boys  here. It is a great book for starting a conversation about who might want to hurt them but more importantly what they should do about it.  They need to yell for the person to stop and they need to tell a trusted adult.  Teach them not to be afraid.  Trust them, if they tell you someone has touched, hurt, or made them feel uncomfortable. There is a book for girls too; this topic is for all children. (The book also has great tips and good information for parents at the back.)

5. Teach your sons to be safe. ¬†Several sources noted ¬†that boys 7-18 are the most likely to be sexually molested. ¬†This is an age where we feel they are “finally safe” as they are older. ¬†We let ten year boys go to the restroom alone at the ball game. ¬†We allow for sleepovers for our twelve year boys at their friends’ houses. ¬†Because we cannot keep them under our wings forever, we need to teach our boys to be safe. ¬†They should learn to BE AWARE: of their surroundings, of their feelings that something is off, of their own strength to protect themselves. ¬†We need to teach our boys to look for weapons in the objects around them. ¬†In the bathroom, this could be the shampoo to squirt in someone’s eyes. ¬†In the bedroom, this could be a book to throw at someone. ¬†In the game room, this could be a remote or glass with a drink. ¬†We have to teach our boys to look for a way to get free of someone who would hurt them. ¬†Practice helping them learn the words to say. “No. NO. NO!” and “Stop!” ¬†Help them be confident enough in themselves to know that they are worth it. ¬†No one should hurt them. ¬†Also, they need to tell. Help them trust themselves enough to tell.

6. Believe them and love them. Keep praying for you son.  Keep talking with him and listening to him.  Pray for wisdom in your decisions on what to do in specific situations and for how to be train him in this difficult area.

What tips would you share with me to keep my boys safer?  What have you used that has worked with your children?

Love those boys & work to keep them safe!


P.S. I do not get anything from the purchase of the Yell & Tell books, but I do believe they are a good source for parents. ¬†I am sure there are other books out there as well. ¬†If you have found some other resources, please share! ūüôā

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I am doing the best I can


“I am doing the best I can!”

 I say this often.

I mean it often.

Or, do I? ¬†Am I really doing the best I can? ¬†Yes, most days I am doing all I can– in my own power– to help grow these four little boys into men. ¬†But it isn’t enough. ¬†I am failing.

One day I had a realization. ¬†I am not enough. ¬†You heard me. ¬†It’s true. I am not enough. ¬†I don’t have the patience to home educate them. ¬†I don’t have the love to listen to any more stories about LEGOs or blocks or whatever they are building today. ¬†I don’t have any more energy to clean, wash, bathe, or did I mention clean anything else! ¬†I don’t have enough.

Luckily, I don’t have to have enough of anything. ¬†The Lord does. ¬†So, now when I hear myself say this little phrase, I stop. ¬†I am learning to rethink it. ¬†I need to remember that I must rely on Him, the Lord Jesus Christ, to do it. ¬†Doing the best I ¬†can is not the same as falling into His arms, so He can work through me and do the best. ¬†I am nothing without Christ and so I need to live as though I am in His arms, letting Him do the living, loving, and growing of these little men. When I hear myself say these words. ¬†I stop myself, right where I am, and pray. I thank the Lord that He is enough and that He is working through me. ¬† I must stop MY doing and let Christ do it.

Do the best you can today and let the Lord work through you! ūüôā

What do you do when you feel you are not enough? ¬†I’d love to hear about it.

Oh, and love your boys!


Sharing Traditions with our Boys

IMG_4633 roseThe Farmer and I had our first Valentine’s Day just five months before we were married.  The Farmer gave me a glass vase and a single silk, red rose.  He told me that he would continue to do this each year and fill that vase.  Each Valentine’s Day, I receive a card and a single, red rose from my Farmer.  I have one for each year of our marriage, plus that first Valentine’s Day.

It is a tradition.

The boys get to see the vase filling and their Daddy bringing me the roses each year to do it.  They are a part of that tradition because they observe how a man loves his wife, how he gives to her, how he creates a way that all will remember years past.

Traditions: traditions bind us together, make us feel connected and loved. They give us stories to pass along to others and to share with our own children.   I wanted to have traditions that we pass along to our boys, as well.  We started with watches.

When our boys can tell time, on a real clock with hands and not a digital, I give them a watch.  It is a nice watch and it tells the time with numbers and hands.  It is a symbol of their learning and their responsibility to take care of their new gift.  Two of our four boys now have their watches and the third works on telling time on a regular basis, so that he can get his watch as well.

Next come the wallets.¬† Our boys receive wallets when they begin working and making money.¬† The three oldest boys received wallets this past Christmas as they had all begun to work and had money.¬† The Farmer decided we would start Dave Ramsey‚Äôs Money Jr.¬† This is a program where children have chores for which they earn payment.¬† Our payment is .25 per chore.¬† They have other chores they do for simply living in our home, but for the named chores, they will be paid.¬† This system then has the child split the money into SAVE, GIVE, and finally SPEND envelopes.¬† The boys work for items that they ‚Äúsaving‚ÄĚ for with that envelope.¬† They give the GIVE envelope‚Äôs contents to church or a need that they see. They can spend the money in the SPEND envelope or use it toward their item for which they are saving.¬† This is a simple, though complex, system which teaches the boys to how to manage money.¬† Since they are making, spending, and saving money, they earned their wallets.

The boys receive Bibles, good and sturdy King James Versions, when they are ready to take God’s Word into their minds on a regular basis.  This year we are doing more study time, so the boys also received new Bibles with their names inscribed on the covers.  God’s Word has to be in their hands before it can be put into their hearts regularly.

Finally, we will give the boys knives.¬† A pocket knife is very useful for many things and will be given to each son when he shows himself responsible and useful to others outside our home.¬† This could be when he gives time, shares his talents, or does some other good, without parental ‚Äúprompting‚ÄĚ in the future.¬† None of our boys have knives of their own yet.

Each item is given with a little bit of pomp and praise to show the boys that they are growing up.  They are changing and becoming men.  They are being trusted with possessions, some of them more costly than others.  They are learning to care for what they have.  We are creating traditions and markers of their development.  When they look back in future years, we hope they see that they have matured, changed, developed, and grown into fine and responsible men.

These traditions will be markers of those moments of growth.

What traditions are you creating with your boys? Do you have coming of age moments?  Do you have coming into responsibility markers?

Enjoy your boys!

Wisdom from the throne

1173852_167462903446710_258333531_n (1)

Recently, we had a bout of flu. I should not complain as this is not a regular occurrence.  The 6 year old Cowboy cannot remember vomiting in the past so that is pretty good.  The Engineer and Farmer, Jr. only remember it vaguely.

The Dancer got it first, the next night it was the Engineer, the following night early it was Farmer, Jr. and later Cowboy. ¬†What a long couple of days for the Mom of four boys…I learned that my boys, maybe all boys, are not good at being sick. ¬†They do not want to stay still and do not suffer well. ¬†Hum.

But, it was on this third night that the wisdom of an old man came out in groans and questions. ¬†This flu came with stomach cramps and then vomiting, as well as other cleaning out that won’t be detailed here. So as my poor Farmer, Jr. sat on the throne holding his belly and groaning in pain, he pondered aloud. ¬†His questions went on and on as he tried to hold his belly and head at the same time.

Farmer, Jr: How long will this last?  Why do I feel this way?  Why do we even get sick?

Mom: We get sick because of sin entering the world with Adam a long time ago.

Farmer, Jr: But, why mom? Why did Adam have to sin?  Why did he sin?

Mom: He sinned just like we all sin.  He made a decision.

What a question…from an 8 year old, sick boy. ¬†Why do we sin? ¬†Why do we choose to do wrong all. the. time? ¬†Why indeed? ¬†We sin, very basically, because we are sinners. ¬†Adam was not a sinner but he chose to follow his wife, Eve, who had been tricked into sinning. “And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression” says 1 Timothy 2:14. ¬†Adam was not tricked. ¬†He saw that she had sinned, and he CHOSE to sin. ¬†He picked it, literally, and ate the fruit. ¬†He made a deliberate decision.

So, we make deliberate decisions daily to sin, also. ¬†We hit a brother or take a toy. We throw a book, ¬†a punch, or an angry word at one another. ¬†Boys sin here. ¬†So do their parents. ¬†We are sinners. ¬†Romans 3:23 says that “All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.”

Honestly, that is not an easy thing to write. ¬†I hate sinning. ¬†I know through scripture that my sinning put the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. ¬†Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” ¬† So, the wages or payment for sin is death, eternal separation from God. ¬†He is perfect and truthful and cannot be around sin. ¬†We then are cast away because of our deliberate sins. ¬†BUT, keep reading the verse. ¬†There is a gift. ¬†“The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” ¬†Notice that it does not say the gift of God is eternal life through all Leesa does. Or all Leesa prays or how Leesa lives. ¬†It is through the Lord Jesus Christ. ¬†He alone was perfect after living on Earth and being tempted. ¬†He alone can save us from this eternal separation.

Christ’s blood that was shed took care of my sins. ¬†Colossians 1:14 tells me, “In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins.” ¬†Christ’s sinless blood was shed to cover my sins–MINE. My daily, weekly, yearly, even lifelong sins. ¬†All of them, covered. ¬†They are taken care of and God the Father can no longer see them. ¬†Yikes! ¬†That is BIG news. ¬†You know what? ¬†Yours too. ¬†Your sins are covered, just like mine and my boys and your boys. We are free from sin because the Lord Jesus Christ died for those sins.

So, what do I have to do to get it, really? ¬†Believe that He did it. ¬†We trust that the Lord took care of it.¬†That’s it? ¬†Yep.

Believe it. ¬†“For by grace are you saved [from eternal death and separation-my note] through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God: ¬†Not of works lest any man should boast.” Ephesians 2: 8-9. ¬†It is His grace and our belief. ¬†It is a gift and not a ticket to be paid. ¬†It is not of my works–any works–or then I could boast and brag about myself. ¬†Only trust in His blood that took care of your sins. ¬†Free to you.

So, while all the boys are free from that yucky flu, they are more importantly free from eternal death, if they believe.  Wow.

I want to continually be checking to see if they know, understand, and believe this Truth.  Of all that we teach them, this is the most important.  When a tiny soul is formed, it is a forever soul.  While our bodies get sick and one day die, our souls are eternal.  That is real.

Farmer, Jr. is wise to ask the questions about the Truths of life.

As parents of boys, may we be wise to have the real and truthful answers, the Truth of God’s Word, to give them.

Enjoy your boys!

Mining gems to share with your sons

diamondsI remember when I learned I was expecting and wanted so very much to have a son, the son of a farmer to carry on after dad. I wished, hoped, even prayed for a son for my husband. When my sister did one of those crazy ‚Äúurinate in a cup and add it to Draino‚ÄĚ experiments (or some other chemical‚ÄĒthis mommy-brain can no longer remember), it turned the color for a daughter. I remember being so upset at first. Then we found out through an ultra-sound that it would indeed be a son. I cried! I still remember how happy I was to give my husband a son, though he had never mentioned a preference of the sex of our child. He is the only boy of four children and his father is the only boy of four children. I felt like I was doing my duty as a farmer‚Äôs wife and was so excited.

When our second child’s ultrasound displayed boy parts, I cried again:  another son; I must be some sort of queen! At the third ultrasound, I cried again…another boy? Really. I was so happy but at the same time was wondering if I had hoped too much! And, at the fourth ultrasound? Yes, more tears for yet another son was to join our family. Four boys. Four boys! What do I do with four boys?

While I am very thankful for my sons, I am daily reminded that I do not really understand boys and their ways. I do not understand why all air that passes from the body‚ÄĒin any way‚ÄĒis funny. Really? Yes, apparently it is. From my conservative husband to our ¬†19 month old, they all laugh– every time. I don‚Äôt understand why they run, hop, jump and push when we COULD just walk. I do not understand why they all compete for attention and power over the rest of the family. But what I do know is that God knows. He understands. He will help me to love my boys and lead them toward Him.

Moms of boys‚Ķaccording to one report over 90,000 more boys are born each year than girls. This has been the trend, the report noted, since 1940! That‚Äôs a lot of boys and thus a lot of moms of boys out there. I started thinking about what it means to be the mom of a son and what God’s word says about moms of sons. I looked up Mommas of boys in the Bible to see if I could glean something from them. There are several moms presented but two caught my attention. One is from the Old Testament and her name is Jochebed. The other is from the New Testament and her name is Eunice. Both women show us what we need to be doing as Mommas of boys.

Jochebed was the mother of Moses. She was married to a man named Amram and was of the family of Levi. What I learned about Jochebed is that she knew her scripture and she acted on the facts of scripture. In Genesis 15:16 God, who is making promises to Abram (later Abraham) about the nation that will come out of him, tells that in the fourth generation the nation (Israel) would come out again from God‚Äôs judgments. The 4th¬†generation‚ĶLevi is the first generation of the nation of Israel. Levi‚Äôs son is Kohath, the second generation. Kohath had four sons, one of them is Amram; he was in the third generation. Yep, the same Amram who is Moses‚Äô daddy is in the 3rdgeneration. So, when Moses was born to Amram and Jochebed, he was the 4th¬†generation of this nation. (Gen 6:16-20 shows the generations.) Moses would fulfill scripture. Also, during the time of Moses’ birth, Egypt‚Äôs pharaoh, who was holding the Israelites as slaves, started telling the midwives to kill all the Israelite baby boys when they were born so the slaves would not overtake the Egyptians (Exodus 1:16). When Moses was born, Jochebed saw that he was a ‚Äúgoodly child‚ÄĚ (Exodus 2:2), and she protected him in the now famous Bible account of her hiding her son in bulrushes in a tiny basket-boat. She knew scripture and she acted on the facts of scripture. She knew that her son could fulfill that scripture and she helped to preserve him. Jochebed also, through a series of events, was able to nurse her own baby son and teach him who he was as an Israelite until he went to live with the daughter of pharaoh as her Egyptian son. Jochebed’s teaching would carry Moses through many days of his life. He was not a perfect man, but he knew who he was and who Jehovah God was. ¬†Later in Moses‚Äô life, he would follow God on his own. He would lead Israel out of Egypt and he would fulfill God‚Äôs scripture.

The second mom is only mentioned in one verse. Eunice is the mom of Timothy. Timothy is a helper and mentee of the Apostle Paul. In 2 Timothy 1:5, Paul tells us, ‚ÄúWhen I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee [Timothy], which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois and thy mother Eunice, and I am persuaded that in thee also.‚ÄĚ Unfeigned according to Webster‚Äôs 1828 dictionary is ‚Äúnot counterfeit; not hypocritical; real; sincere.‚ÄĚ Timothy‚Äôs faith was real, sincere and not made up or put on. It was real. Wow, an unfeigned faith, isn’t that what we all want for our children? Paul notes that this faith was in generations of Timothy‚Äôs family. Timothy‚Äôs father was a Greek, an unbeliever, so Timothy learned scripture from his mom. She knew it because of her mom, Lois. The truth of scripture being passed from generation to generation does not happen without effort: our effort. I like that God included a mom teaching her son about the truth of God‚Äôs word. So, know we can do it, too.

As moms of boys in our society today, we need to be passing on the truth of God‚Äôs word. We need to be teaching our boys‚ÄĒand daughters too, for that matter‚ÄĒso they come to the realization that they are sinners and in need of God‚Äôs great love and salvation. Then we need to go further, teaching them to rightly divide God‚Äôs word so they know the parts of it that are written directly to them today verses and what was written to others for only our edification. We can do this, Moms, but that means we need to know scripture ourselves. We need to study God‚Äôs word, to mine out small gems of truth and know it. Teaching our children will happen as we go through the days and nights with them, not just at set times of study. We need to be ready to share gems of truth from God‚Äôs word. I know, Momma friend, that during sipping years and diaper years and runny nose years, it is hard. I am there with you. But, sweet friend, now is the time. Pick one gem from God‚Äôs precious word and add it to the treasure chest in your child‚Äôs heart. Do that often. Your son needs God‚Äôs word and you are the Mom to help him learn it.

A dear friend once told me that only sons can grow to be men of God. So, at our house, we are growing up men of God. We want men who will continue to mine out gems of truth to pass along to their children and grandchildren. God needs you, Mom, and you can do it!  Your son is worth it.

My Day Off from the Boys: What I did while the boys were out

My Day Off from the Boys: What I did while the boys were outtrainThe other day my husband, The Farmer, took The Engineer, Farmer, Jr. and The Cowboy to a train show a couple of hours from our home. ¬†They left before The Dancer and I got up and were gone most of the day. ¬†A whole day without big boys to do whatever I wanted to do was here. ¬†I could do whatever I pleased and have no one to ask me for things (The Dancer does not talk much really). ¬†When The Dancer took a nap, I would be completely FREE to do whatever I wanted for myself and no one else. ¬†I had the crazy feeling, “This is what it would be like if they went to school each day and I was just alone with The Dancer all day, by myself, with no other boys, just me and The Dancer, except during nap when it would just be me, alone. ¬†I could go potty with no This is going to be GREAT!” ¬†(Yes, I know that I think in run-on sentences but don’t we all, really?)

So, what did I do…let’s see, what did I DO…what DID I do? This is where you are thinking, “She sat on the couch in her pjs and did nothing all day long!” ¬†Actually, I decided I was going to take all the Christmas decorations down with no extra help and put them back into their bins. This is what NEEDED to be completed, so I bit the bullet and got started.

So, this day “off” I

  • brought down the bins from the attic with “non-Christmas items” and unpacked them
  • chased The Dancer away from these items; answered him when he asked where his brothers were
  • took down and started to pack the Christmas items back into said bins; thought about the boys & prayed for them
  • chased The Dancer away from Christmas items; answered him when he asked where his brothers were
  • gave The Dancer a snack; thought about the big boys again, missed them, & prayed for them again
  • packed more stuff in the bins
  • cleaned and put up non-Christmas items; called The Farmer to ask about the boys
  • stopped for a tea break and read a chapter of my book while The Dancer played cars at my feet
  • danced with The Dancer to music on the radio; prayed for The Dancer and his someday wife; missed my big boys
  • organized The Dancer’s clothes as he was moving up a size;¬†answered him when he asked where his brothers were
  • packed up The Dancer’s clothes that were too small to pass on to a family member
  • thought about the boys again and yes, prayed for them again and for The Farmer that he was doing okay with them

On and on went my day, but while I got many items checked off my list,¬†what I really did on my free day was miss my boys. ¬† It isn’t that I am not a whole person without my boys. ¬†It is more about the fact that I enjoy them. ¬†I want to be around them. ¬†Don’t get me wrong: there is fighting and arguing and melt-downs, and then there are problems with the boys too (he he). ¬†Seriously, though, I want to be near them to train, teach, lead, and help them to grow into the men God wants them to be.

It was a good wake-up call for me as we are heading back into the second half of our home educating year and the winter blahs are upon us. ¬†I do love my boys and I want to be with them. ¬†Of course, outside time for them is a must (without me) to run off their “boy energy” as The Cowboy would say.

I wrote this post for myself, as much as for you, the parents of boys, to remind us that this is such a short, short time before our boys are moving on to jobs and life away from our homes.  ENJOY the time.

This year, my New Year’s Resolution is just that: Enjoy my Family. ¬†I am often so very busy that I am checking off lists and making new ones. ¬†I forget sometimes that I am doing everything for my family. ¬†I do love them and I need to focus on enjoying the time with them. ¬†We are never promised tomorrow with them. ¬†Even when tomorrow comes, though, and it is followed by the tomorrow after that, soon next year and the next will be here. ¬†Time truly is fleeting and time with our boys is short. ¬†So this year, I am going to enjoy the boys!

Hope you can find a way to enjoy yours this day and tomorrow, too!

Enjoy the boys.